Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Begin Bombing In Five Minutes

Erik Farseth's We Begin Bombing In Five Minutes came to my attention today. I've read through the introduction and am particularly interested in the conflict between these two quotes:

Fanzines were the blogs of the early 80's. Anything went with the zines; they not only covered music, there was a heavy dose of politics as well... They were truly independent and decentralized, in sharp contrast to the mainstream media I was used to.

--Krist Novoselic; Bassist, Nirvana

On the other hand, I don't think that blogs are zines. Because the thing about zines was that it was underground. You had to find out about it. And I remember, when I first discovered zines, it was like another world had opened up for me. When I was interviewing people about zines, they would use metaphors like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. And because of that, it had a whole other culture surrounding it, a system of signs and morays, which made sense... it had a sort of cultural coherence.

-- Stephen Duncombe; Professor, New York University
Of course, the rest of the subject matter also holds my interest -- the intersection of punk, DIY culture, and publishing. Recommended reading for today.

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