Friday, April 18, 2008

No God Tape

I've decided that I will start putting up themed mix tapes on my muxtape page. The first in this series will be the No God Tape:

  1. The Germs - No God (Lexicon Devil 7" EP)
  2. Dead Kennedys - Religious Vomit (In God We Trust, Inc. 12" EP)
  3. Minor Threat - Filler (Minor Threat 7" EP)
  4. Heart Attack - God Is Dead (God Is Dead 7" EP)
  5. Government Issue - Religious Rip Off (Legless Bull 7" EP)
  6. Crass - So What? (The Feeding of the 5000 LP)
  7. Rudimentary Peni - Sacrifice (Farce 7" EP)
  8. Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics (Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics LP)
  9. Subhumans - Religious Wars (Religious Wars 7" EP)
  10. Icons of Filth - Onward Christian Soldiers (Onward Christian Soldiers LP)
  11. Flux of Pink Indians - Is There Anybody There? (Strive to Survive LP)
  12. Public Image Ltd. - Religion II (First Issue LP)
If anyone has any suggestions for the No God Tape, feel free to leave a comment.

For archival purposes, I'll post my first muxtape here:
  1. Hair Police - Let's See Who's Here and Who's Not (Obedience Cuts LP)
  2. Wolf Eyes - Human Animal (Human Animal LP)
  3. Kilslug - Autopsy Performing (Necktie Party 7" EP)
  4. Mentally Ill - Gacy's Place (Gacy's Place 7" EP)
  5. Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown (Nervous Breakdown 7" EP)
  6. The Germs - No God (Lexicon Devil 7" EP)
  7. Homostupids - Wild Weekend (The Intern LP)
  8. FNU Ronnies - Silver Bullet (Digital Release)
  9. Sightings - Cuckoo (Sightings LP)
  10. Boredoms - No Core Punk (Osorezan no Stooges Kyo LP)
  11. Aa - Manshake (Aa LP)
  12. Lightning Bolt - 30,000 Monkies (Wonderful Rainbow LP)



full dvds , vids and some albums!

illegal youth said...

Thanks for the comment and the link -- you've got a lot of good stuff!