Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Program to Check for Bit Torrent Throttling

Torrent Freak reports that some new software, Gemini, will allow users to find out whether or not his/her ISP is throttling his/her internet connection when using peer-to-peer applications.

This comes a little late for me because I had already discovered what Comcast is up to months ago, and I've since switched to Verizon. I've been very happy since -- Verizon's internet connection is much faster than Comcast (I'm getting upwards of 50 times my previous download speed and about 15 times my previous upload speed), and I have not experienced any throttling issues. Still, this could still be useful in the future in case Verizon goes the way of scamming users.

It's just too bad that Verizon wasn't available in my area when OiNK was still around.

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