Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I haven't updated my muxtape with something new in about two months. I'm a bit torn about changing it, though -- everyday or so someone new decides to add it to their favorites, and I'd rather not change the whole tape soon after someone has added my tape to his/her favorites. Since Brutalism went up, I've gone from having 12 fans to 27 fans (including Alternative Tentacles Records!).

But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about a new tape, I just haven't decided on a good theme for the next one yet.

Some ideas that've been floating around in my head are the Annihilation Tape (which might include Crucifix, Conflict, Resistance 77), the Riot Tape (Dead Kennedys, Violators), and the Epicly Epic Tape, which would include songs that have build-ups to the most crushingly suffocating crescendos I've ever heard (Pg. 99, Hair Police, The Blood Brothers, Circle Takes the Square, Black Sabbath, Lighting Bolt).

Part of the delay is me having a hard time finding the songs I want to put in a new muxtape within my existing mp3 collection and not having the desire to go through the lengthy process of ripping the songs from my vinyl collection. Another part is the fact that I'm still trying to find the best 12 songs for any of my tapes.

So for those who are waiting, hopefully I'll have an update soon.

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