Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conservapedia Is Obsessed with Homosexuality

Every once in a while I find myself strangely drawn into the insanity that is the alternate universe known as Conservapedia. I'm sure most everyone is aware of this caricature of reality that poisons the minds of young, home-schooled children nationwide, but if you really want to catch yourself up on the mind-blowing falsity of Conservapedia, check out Rational Wiki.

I happened upon Conservapedia today and made an interesting observation. On the main page there is a list of Conservapedia's most popular articles. I like to read the talk pages, as there is always someone who tries to talk some sense into the idiots that run Conservapedia, and these exchanges can be pretty entertaining at times. After reading through Feminism, Dinosaur, and CE, I opened up the page for Homosexuality. This is by far the longest article I have ever seen on Conservapedia, to the point of obsession.

Vast amounts of incorrect information aside, one thing that really stands out is the number of references -- 358! Holy crap. Compare that to Conservapedia's article for Heterosexuality -- not one reference. Even Bisexual has three references!

The article for Homosexuality has more references than even both Christianity (15) and Conservative (4) combined -- the two things that define Conservapedia most.

And it's not just references -- the article for Homosexuality is crazy long, with 40 different headings and about another 2 dozen subheadings. The content of these headings consist entirely of false associations and outright misinformation.

Seems like Christian conservatives really love to talk about homosexuality. Perhaps there are a lot of closet cases in Conservapedia Land.

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