Monday, November 3, 2008

Teenage Lobotomy

Meghan McCain defines Punk RockTM:

STEVE DOOCY: I'm looking -- I'm looking at your website, I had no idea that the Ramones were your, uh, favorite group of all time --


CINDY MCCAIN: [laughs]

DOOCY: -- because right now, you've got this thing with, uh, with Linda Ramone [Cummings], if people are interested, check it out --

M. MCCAIN: Yeah.

DOOCY: -- because you two travel around.

M. MCCAIN: She's incredible.

DOOCY: Yeah. Go --

M. MCCAIN: She's so cool, and we're going out on this whole new thing that the only way to be be Punk RockTM anymore is to be conservative.


M. MCCAIN: So only Punk RockTM [indeciferable]

CARLSON: In your book, Meghan...

[edits mine]
Hmm... not quite.

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