Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Brutalism 8tracks

I've decided to bring back the Brutalism tape in 8tracks form, so some songs had to be cut and a few new ones were thrown in to keep it fresh. Here it is:

  1. The Nuns - Decadent Jew (S/T 7" EP)
  2. DrunkDriver - Women (Born Pregnant LP)
  3. FNU Ronnies - Silver Bullet (Digital Release)
  4. The New Flesh - Hopeless (Parasite CD)
    TV Ghost - The Mold (The Mold Demo)
  5. No Fucker - The Final Hell (No Flesh Shall Be Spared 7" EP)
  6. Clockcleaner - Missing Dick (Missing Dick 7" EP)
  7. The Clancy Six - Steps to the Body (One Sided 7" EP)
  8. Aa - Manshake (S/T LP)
[EDIT]: Had to make a fix -- for some reason the TV Ghost track wouldn't upload correctly, so I've swapped it out for the Clancy Six song from the original Brutalism tape.

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