Monday, January 7, 2008

Sekoff Puts O'Reilly In His Place

Posted on their website last Saturday, HuffingtonPost editor Roy Sekoff clashes with FOX News over Bill O'Reilly's pushy behavior at a recent Obama campaign event:

Sekoff: “…and I give him (O’Reilly) credit, cause he didn’t hit him with a loofah or a falafel.

MacCallum: “Alllllright!”

Sekoff: “Oh yeah. You know, Martha, maybe the thing was that he was surprised that when he showed up at an Obama event, it was just like any other event and no one was yelling for their iced tea.”
Transcript via Crooks & Liars. The iced tea remark was brillant. Kudos to Sekoff for getting that one in!

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