Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RNC Servers Hosted the Ohio State Election Results

It came to my attention this week that the Smartech Corporation, which runs the servers that host websites related to the Republican party, also hosted the Ohio State Election servers on the eve of the November 2004 election. First noted on Alternet this week, and followed by several other blog posts, I became intrigued by this development. This is, apparently, the same company that magically "lost" over five million White House emails that were being hosted illegally.

Take a look at this link, which a friend of mine sent me today. It shows that the Smartech Corporation took over hosting duties on November 3, 2004 -- the day after the election ballots were cast. Further investigation should commence immediately; a private company affiliated with a political party should not have anything to do with a national election. Such a conflict of interest, and an undermining of the basic principles of a free election, should be obvious.

But this revelation isn't anything new, as ePluribus wrote about this shortly after the 2004 election.

So why haven't the media reported on these facts? Is the notion that a major political party could effectively rig an election that unthinkable? Where is the outrage of the citizenry?

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