Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Police Brutality Targets the Elderly

I read in The Colorado Springs Gazette that a St. Patrick's Day parade turned into a confrontation with police. So what happened? Colorado Confidential reports:

Bill Durland, who was part of a group of about 45 marching with the Bookman bookmobile, says he watched as Colorado Springs police, some wearing riot helmets, descended into the crowd.

One cop kneed a woman in the groin as she lay on the ground. Another broke a wooden peace sign that one of the participants had been carrying. One photo shows a cop with his arm around the neck of a retired priest, Frank Cordaro, in an apparent chokehold. In another shot a cop hoists a Taser.
Check the links to see some of the pictures of the brutality.

These were senior citizens sporting peace signs who had a permit to march in the parade, yet police took it upon themselves to remove this "threat." Police state, anyone?

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